Monday, January 29, 2007

Jemima scales the heights

It's official Jemima can climb the stairs. Following Elspeth catapulting down the stair we removed the stair gates, looks like we'll be looking for alternatives... perhaps bungee cord... the travel cot as means of incarceration

Open plan back garden

Following the tremendous winds of the last few weeks we now have an "open plan" back garden. It must be quite distressing for the [obviously] keen gardeners who live back to back with us as our unkempt dishevelled lawn is now exposed for them to see.

FORTUNATELY we had already discussed with the neighbour replacing the rather dilapidated fence, we had thought we'd do it in the Spring when we get the deck sorted out for the back, looks like we'll be going it in the next few weeks.

[photo to follow]

Why is it when you think you've got everything sorted then something comes along to scupper your plans?

Friday, January 12, 2007

It's been a while

It's been a while since blogging, so much has happened.... New Year's Eve at Grandad and Heather's new house in Cookley, very pleasant little spot and a great house. Elspeth enjoyed the novelty of a bed with no legs [as ever when you move things go astray... "I've put them somewhere safe..."] although the novelty of the bed was not so great that sleep was preferable to seeing the New Year in with games and food with the adults.

Jemima was restless and so she joined us on the bed, when Elspeth decided she wanted to come in too I resorted to camping... Elspeth and I got the sleeping bags and camped on the floor whilst Sarah snatched whatever sleep she could with Jemima.