Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Do blogs ever die?

I suppose this one has come close a few times, yet again I am resurrecting posting after a delay. Apologies to all thos awaiting South Africa pictures, it's been 8 weeks since our return and I haven't even printed any yet, it will happen although I cannot guarantee when.

Since the last post

1) the behemoth that was blocking our hallway has gone, ebayed, although despite 6 people watching the anticipated last 10 minute bidding war never materialised and the runner was bought by a seasoned ebay trader for the princely bargain of just £350, considering it retails at £850 I was a little disappointed, still we now have our hallway back.

2) Chris completed the London Marathon in just over 4 1/2 hours- congratulations

3) I walked on hot coals for charity, whilst it may sound a great event, the torture of 26 miles plus would be far greater

4) My Dad got married on Saturday 12 May some pics above