Wednesday, September 03, 2008

More holiday snaps...

Pictures of Coniston, Hawkshead and Grizedale Forest

Some holiday snaps...

A week in Coniston... one visit that certainly isn't as uninteresting as it might sound... the pencil museum in Kendal... well worth a visit... Some snaps from outside the museum...

A day Rufford

A collection of random pictures from a day trip to Rufford Park... a bright sunny day, a wander in the park, a play in the play village and walk around the lake followed by ice creams... :-)

Spot the Pink plaster cast....

Jemima and the ground had a coming together at the weekend, Jemima came off second best. Still she's not letting the lightweight plastic cast [pink] stop her bashing people in the face.... she's inadvertently striking people at the moment... could be interesting if she works out that it could be used as an offensive weapon... the white was a temporary cast

Monday, August 25, 2008

Yorkshire 3 Peaks

At the second attempt the Peaks were conquered. No wind, no rain (well at least not until Ingleborough) the ground had obviously had a soaking and the track from Pen-y-ghent to Whernside was most bog like in large swathes and took considerably longer to traverse than previously [not helped by one of the party taking an impromptu dive into a very cold stream... marks were 6.9 for artistic impression and 9.2 for scale of difficulty... overall, could do better!!] so after a complete outfit change and a bite to eat it was on to Whernside.

Whereas previously [see June 2008 entry] the weather had been horrendous and we had been lucky to see 20 feet ahead of us the view was breathtaking... out across Morecome Bay to the high peaks in the Lakes to the west and at least 60 miles in each direction... the view was worth the slog.

After that Ingleborough was a doddle and after a brief stay at the top to take in a similar view we headed back down to the Golden Lion at Horton-in-Ribblesdale and a hot cup of tea before heading home, the challenge to walk the 20 something miles [the distance varies from book to book ranging from 24-26 miles] in under 12 hours a success.

The challenge next time is to do it in under 10 hours I think...

I'd rather go grey than bald

This was an "either/or" statement and my desire was obvious.... it's no good to me that the ones that aren't falling out are going grey- particularly as there are at least 20x more falling out than are 'becoming distinguished`!!! Pah! But as "Male Pattern Baldness" is hereditary there is at least one of my traits which I can legitimately blame the male line in the "Cox" family for!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Frozen Yogurt or a Frube....

Ah the dilemmas of a 2 year old...
when asked by Sarah "would you like a Frube?"(for those unknowing - that is a frozen yogurt)
Jemima's response was "I want a frozen yogurt"
S: "would you like a Frube?"

J: "no I want a frozen yogurt"
the discussion went on... Jemima, I think, finally establishing that a frube and a frozen yogurt were the same, was asked about the flavour she would like...

S: "would you like a strawberry one or an orange one?"
J: "I want a frozen yogurt"
S: "yes, would you like a strawberry one or an orange one?"
J: "I want a frozen yogurt"
S: "Would you like a red one or an orange one?"
J: "I want a yellow one"..............................................................................................

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The foibles of a 2 1/4 year old

Sitting down for lunch, just a snack, before heading out to Brodsworth Sarah made up a small plate for Jemima, the usual, some pepper, cherry tomato, cucumber, and cheese. Handing back the cheese Jemima said in her small voice "I didn't want my cheese cut into triangles mummy, I wanted squares...." I don't know, what is the world coming to??