Sunday, March 18, 2007

From here to there and back again

Well here is where I'll [eventually] blog and upload our South African photos and experiences... some notes for me to go on with... pics above, just to prove we were there... penguin at Boulders Beach and Table Mountain

We were welcomed akin to returning family members by our Southern Hemisphere returnees James and Michelle Adlard and their daughters Josie [nearly 4] and Sophie [almost 2]. Their new house is L shaped and boasts large family rooms and a pool. James has designs on some revamping and renovation which will make the home even more comfortable.

Driving and speed cameras...
South African speed cameras are cunningly placed in shade, underneath motorway bridges or behind bushes, and they're painted green, so best to keep to the speed limits [or follow the locals speed as a guide]. Lane discipline, speed restrictions and the majority of drivers in South Africa appear to be strangers... All those hours spent on the x-box or playstation on driving games may come in handy for longer term trips to SA.

M&S exists in South Africa as Woolworths, at least the food is packaged and presented identically save for the name change on all of the packs. In restuarants the food is very reasonable and generally very good [if not the service]. The portions are American-esque and delicious, recommendations - for sea food and sushi "Ocean Basket" for wine [see separate entry] and steak nothing has bettered the delicious steaks that James and I enjoyed at Fairview Estates [].

Well there is wine aplenty, for those not overseas as a comparison Arniston Bay, which retails at around £4.59 in your local supermarket costs around £1.70 in the local spa. One of the most enjoyable days was spent at Fairview Estates, their wine and cheese were excellent, I was all for driving back for another taster of the wine and food [especially aforementioned steak] but somehow it didn't fit the schedule... still this'll be a place we most definitely head for the next time we visit these shores.